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Emergency Management Exercises

Taxonomy Code: TH-1700.1930

Programs that are responsible for organizing exercises at the local, state or national level to test, evaluate and continually improve the emergency management system and the emergency operations plan. Exercises are simulated emergencies in which members of various agencies perform the tasks that would be expected of them in a real emergency. Included are drills which develop, test, and monitor specialized emergency skills in a single or limited emergency response procedure (e.g., communication) often within a single agency or department; tabletop exercises in which key staff or other emergency management personnel are gathered together informally and without time constraints, usually in a conference room setting, to discuss various simulated emergency situations, associated problems and resolutions; functional exercises which use a scenario to test the capability of individual or multiple emergency functions and give the players (the decision-makers) a fully simulated experience of being in a major emergency event without movement of personnel and equipment; and full scale exercises which involve the mobilization of personnel, equipment and resources, their actual movement, and testing of the coordination and response capability.

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