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Plasma Donation Centers/Drives

Taxonomy Code: LH-0500.0900-600

Locations where people can come to donate plasma, the straw-colored liquid that carries the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. The proteins and clotting factors in plasma are used to create products such as immunoglobin which provides a defense against infection, clotting factors which help people with hemophilia and others whose blood fails to clot normally, and plasma volume expanders which help people who have lost blood either from an injury or during surgery. Donors are generally compensated for their time with a cash payment. Also included are organizations that conduct campaigns which encourage volunteers to donate plasma for specific purposes, e.g., people who have had and recovered from the COVID-19 virus and are willing to donate plasma that may have antibodies that can be used to create plasma infusions which can be used to treat patients who are seriously ill with the virus. Until there is a vaccine, the infusions may be a tool that doctors can lean on, and a single donation can be used to treat several patients.

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