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Wrongful Action Compensation Administration

Taxonomy Code: FT-9900

Programs that administer payment of wrongful injury, illness or death claims or claims for other losses involving acts of negligence or incompetence or actions of another type in situations where the courts have ordered the responsible organization to set aside funds as a means of reparation to victims. Examples include compensation for losses due to exposure to asbestos, Agent Orange, thalidomide or environmental disasters such as Love Canal or government actions such as the Japanese internment during World War II. Also included are programs that administer funds which have been established by the government to compensate individuals and families who have suffered injury, illness, death or other losses due to a known consequence of an action required by the government in situations where victims are prevented by law from requesting compensation through the courts, e.g., the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program which was established to compensate people who suffered adverse reactions to required childhood immunizations.

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