Ameren Critical Medical Needs Pilot


PO Box 790352
Saint Louis, MO 63179

(314) 342-1000


Generates electricity, deliver electricity and distribute natural gas in a safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally sound manner. Services include Discounted Electric Service, Discounted Gas Service, Electric Service Payment Assistance, Electric Service Connection/Repair, Electric Service Providers and Natural Gas Service Providers.


Mon-Fri - 7:00am to 7:00pm

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Address Listings

P.O. Box (Primary)

PO Box 790352
Saint Louis, MO 63179


1901 Chouteau Avenue
One Ameren Plaza
Saint Louis, MO 63103


Michael L Moehn


(314) 342-1000

Phone Numbers


(314) 342-1000


(866) 297-8054

Service Intake Line

(314) 342-1111

Toll Free

(800) 552-7583


(314) 992-6030

Legal Status:

Not classified


Provides a 30 day grace period to those who are in threat of disconnect or are disconnected AND have a verified critical medical need. A verification of the critical medical need must be submitted via the online form by a registered medical professional. CIE Coordination Center will retrieve the online applications completed by the Medical Professional and assess for available programs and services. If you have questions, Sarah, Mylin or Justin can help answer them.


Online form can be completed any time

Required Documents

Online Critical Medical Needs Program verification form


- Verified Critical Medical Need (by medical professional) - Ameren account must be in threat of disconnect or already disconnected - Reside in St. Louis City or County



Intake Procedure

Medical provider goes to and chooses Critical Medical Needs Program, then completes online form.



Offered Outside of Physical Location


Service Area

St. Louis City and St. Louis County, MO

Geography Served

    If a location is grayed out it means that only certain areas within it are covered. The areas with complete coverage are listed in black.

  • Missouri
    • Saint Louis County
      • Saint Louis City County
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